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Media Defends Bigots!

April 29, 2010

Good day for media…  This morning Nick Griffin gets a breakfast slot to fuel racism and hatred on BBC Radio 4.  And the rest of the day is taken up with  ‘bigotgate’.  Brown accidentally caught on tape in his car, referring to someone he’d just spoken to – who’d been moaning about immigrants ‘flocking in’ – as a ‘bigoted woman’.  Press pounce, delighted;  bigot-woman is interviewed ad nauseum expressing her ‘disgust’ at the PM’s comments; in general the country is ‘shocked’.  Or that’s how it’s portrayed by every single media establishment, it seems.  There are not many calls for Gillian Duffy, and all the xenophobic  ‘not racist but…’ people like her, to apologise for their comments or views.  Milena Popova’s article about the failure of the ‘fluffy’ left and the media to defend immigrants is here, along with the clip, should you wish to see it yet again…

Obviously Brown’s comments don’t seem particularly heroic given the past ten years of Labour’s noxious immgration ministers, mass deportation, expansion of detention sites and child detention, racist abuse at the hands of private companies, rocketing refusal rates, and the militarisation of European and British borders.  But it’s interesting to see the backlash when he does voice – albeit accidentally – a single comment on latent racism in this country.

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