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Urgent Appeal – Benjamin Threatened With Deportation AGAIN

August 1, 2010

Benjamin is a 37-year old Iranian human rights campaigner. Detained by the UK Border Agency, this is their second attempt to remove him from the UK. He has been trying to claim asylum in the UK as he is at risk of facing torture from the Iranian authorities.  He fled his home country after being imprisoned and tortured for 2 years for his political beliefs. Benjamin was tortured not only in Iran but also in Greece, where he was imprisoned in 2 different places for 6 months. During this time he was tortured, beaten and denied essential medication.  He now suffers from several medical problems as a direct result.

He has been threatened with deportation in just a few days – but public pressure on both British Airways, and the Home Office, can work.  If removed to Greece (where asylum refusal rate is 99% and immigration prisons are notoriously violent and inhumane) he faces great danger, as he would if removed to Iran, where execution of political prisoners has become even more frequent since the post-election crackdown.

*Please take five minutes to fax the Home Secretary and British Airways*

Free faxes can be sent through this website:

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